If you have decided to indulge in tennis or only to get a new pair of sneakers, know that your selection will have to be based on several parameters. Indeed, the importance of the shoes is of the same level as that of the racket. Thus, there is no need to rush to a comparison. You will first need to know how to choose the best tennis shoes for 2021. The criteria to consider are therefore: size and fits, constituent materials, comfort, padding and breathability. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises caused by risky investments. For our part, we suggest these two models that stood out in our ranking: the Tbs Brandyprovided with a soft leather covering for an optimal grip with the morphology of your feet and Asics for its part equipped the Gel-Dedicate 4 with an innovative technology at the level of its outer sole.

Tbs Brandy

We often base our quest to find the best performing tennis shoes in terms of durability. However, several factors must be taken into account such as the convenience and comfort of carrying. It is with this in mind that TBS has designed this model.

This equipment is especially appreciated by users for its leather upper. This element is presented as a good compromise between resistance and flexibility. Indeed, it does not cause feelings of tightening while being resistant to external alterations such as humidity or high temperatures.

As a closure system, the manufacturer has opted for laces. You can then easily adjust its tightening level to your preferences. Thanks to its design, some users claim that this specimen can be worn outside of tennis. It can go with your daily outfits while bringing a sporty touch to your look. With these features, you now know where to buy the best tennis shoes around.

The Pros

Soft covering : The structure is made of leather. This material has the particularity of easily adapting to the shape of the feet while at the same time ensuring optimal support for the latter.

Injected sole: Thanks to this technology present on the component, the cushioning while wearing these sneakers is guaranteed. In addition, this allows them to be worn in other situations than on the tennis court.

The cons

Size : Many consumers advise new buyers to take a size larger than their usual measurement


Asics Gel Dedicate 4

If you are still in doubt about which tennis shoes to choose, know that the chances of disappointment are reduced when you trust a reputable brand. If you have to compare the performance of the Gel-Dedicate 4’s sole with others on our list, this specimen will win hands down.

As its name suggests, this component has ingeniously designed technology to offer both comfort and impact resistance. Indeed, it presents an optimal cushioning of the feet and considerably reduces the impacts of the latter with the ground. The structure is also provided with chevron grooves for good grip, but also foolproof versatility. This material can be worn on various types of courts.

The outer coating has a ventilation system and offers you better conditions of use. In short, these cheap shoes from Asics offer maximum performance for a reduced cost.

The Pros

Innovative technology : The manufacturer has provided these shoes with a revolutionary design with its gel sole. This element has good cushioning and absorbs the effects of ground faults so your feet don’t feel them.

Ventilated cover: The excessive sweating of your feet is then limited. Several systems are present on the structure for optimal ventilation, subsequently reducing the formation of unpleasant odors or other sensations that could obstruct your performance.

The cons

Initially hard sole : They will have to be worn daily to soften the sole. At first, she seems quite firm.

Nike Court Royale

What are the best tennis shoes on the market ? Take a walk on Nike’s side and you’ll have the answer with the Court Royale (GS). At first glance, you can immediately see the versatility of this equipment. It can be worn outside of sports activities and goes easily with your casual outfits.

The set is mainly made of synthetic material. The particularity of this element lies in its resistance. This pair can therefore accompany you for a long time.

The structure is also easy to maintain. All you need to do is bring a slightly damp sponge to refurbish it if you do not want to wash it all.

The Pros

Insulating Lining : With this design mode, your feet will be kept at an optimal temperature to ensure undeniable comfort. Although it is not waterproof, it can effectively contain the effects of moisture caused by sweaty feet.

Available in several colors: The brand provides buyers with a wide variety of colors. You can then get your hands on the aesthetic that best suits your style and tastes.

The cons

Skimpy Style : If you have wide feet, you may feel cramped when wearing these shoes for the long haul.

How to choose good tennis shoes?

The choice of tennis shoes seems just as important as that of the racket or the ball. Without the right pair, you will never go up in performance and could even injure yourself in the middle of a match. To ensure continued progression in your career in the sport, here are some tips on what criteria to remember.

Size and fit

The shoe size and size vary by model. The same size 33 may for example correspond to a foot length of 21 to 21.5 cm from one brand to another. That is why it is always imperative to try on the shoes before purchasing them. If you are not sure which size to select, first measure the length of each foot. Add 1cm, and refer to a size guide.

For a man, 26.5 cm long feet fit in size 42 against 41 for lengths between 25.5 and 26 cm. On the other hand, for women, if you take 24 cm as a measurement, this corresponds to a size of 38 and 39 for 24.5 to 25.5.

When determining your shoe size, also consider the shape of your foot (Greek, Egyptian, flat, or other). If you are wondering where to buy new tennis shoes , turn to the shops that can give you full support and assistance and answer all of your questions.


You will have to orient your choice in terms of crafting materials based on the type of terrain you will be playing on. There are indeed a whole lot of them and in order not to wear out your soles too quickly, you had better opt for the right pair. For a match on clay, we recommend an article with chevrons. On concrete, resistance is essential. If you don’t want to bother with all these questions, opt for an “all surfaces” pair.

In this buying guide for the best tennis shoes, we recommend that you favor washable, solid and durable models that you will find in any price comparison on the web.

Comfort, padding, breathability

Comfort for tennis shoes is defined by 3 elements: the shape of the shoe, the stiffness of the insole and the cushioning in the heel. As the foot is in perpetual motion on the court, the chosen pair must be sufficiently padded to be able to protect it from the comings and goings and shocks caused during the match. It might as well keep your joints from hurting.

We can not forget the issue of ventilation when talking about the comfort of tennis shoes. In a pair where ventilation goes badly, we are often plagued by this unpleasant feeling of wetness. So to get around the problem, blisters on the feet, injuries, and bad odors, it is better to only be interested in models that properly wick perspiration.

If you want to know how to buy better value shoes, consider performance and not aesthetics.