If you are passionate about boxing and want to learn this discipline, it is essential to equip yourself with specific outfits. Among these equipments, you must have boxing shorts. You still need a quality model to benefit from all the comfort and ease you need. In the event that you wish to acquire one, you should first go through this buying guide so as not to get lost in your choice. Thus, the criteria to be retained relate to size and length, design, fabrics and closures. At the end of your reading, do not hesitate to also take a look at the comparison of the best boxing shorts that we have selected on the market. First, the Everlast Pro is designed with polyester. It is therefore light and resistant. the Venum Bangkok Inferno , on the other hand, offers you good support with its wide elastic.

The 5 Best Boxing Shorts (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

1. Everlast Pro boxing trunck Mixed boxing shorts

Once you have learned how to choose the best boxing shorts of 2021, you may take an interest in these Everlast boxing shorts. This model is made with 100% polyester. High quality, this material offers you lightness and resistance. So you can freely perform your shots without any discomfort. In addition, in the face of time and use, it can always remain in good condition. He will then accompany you for many duels.

With its belt, this equipment also provides you with optimal support. Indeed, it will stand well on your waist. So you can do small gestures and keystrokes without running the risk of your shorts slipping off your waist.

Aesthetically, its black and white appearance adapts to all styles of combatants. Besides, this article is very elegant.

In terms of a ranking, Everlast often presents itself as the best brand of boxing shorts. Its copy above will delight you with its quality design.

The Pros

Resistance: Made with 100% polyester, this item has the advantage of being durable. It is resistant to time and use. Moreover, it is light and does not bother you when performing your various movements.

Support: With an elasticated waistband, this copy fits perfectly on your abdomen.

The cons

Size: The opinions of some users relate to the fact that this model sizes a little large. You must therefore choose a size below.

2. Venum Bangkok Inferno Men’s Thai Boxing Shorts

Do you want to have Thai boxing shorts? Don’t hesitate to buy this Venum Bangkok Inferno. It is distinguished by the support it offers you. Indeed, its wide traditional elastic fits well on your waist. Thus, it will not be able to remove itself in the middle of a duel, and this even if you make powerful strikes. Equipped with side slits, this item also allows you to be more free in your movements. You can therefore make your shots and strikes easily and without any restriction. The ventilation openings also optimize your mobility.

These Venum boxing shorts also limit perspiration thanks to their 100% polyester design. You will be very dry and comfortable during the fight. Besides, it is light and easy to wear. It has a quality design given its manufacture by hand. The finishes are beautiful for more aesthetics.

Where to buy the best boxing shorts? This equipment from Venum guarantees good support and comfortable use.

The Pros

Closure: With an elastic band, this item adapts well to your size and holds well in place. You will not be restricted to make your various movements. Moreover, the side slits allow you to easily perform your movements.

Breathable: This equipment is made with polyester. It wicks away perspiration so that you have more comfort while wearing it.

The cons

Fragile: According to user testing, this item could deteriorate after several washes.

3.Everlast Adult Thai Boxing Shorts Pants

If you are wondering what the best boxing shorts are on the market, you can steer yourself towards this Everlast . It guarantees you great freedom of movement with its mid-thigh length. It is therefore perfect for Thai boxing. Moreover, you can use it in other combat sports such as kickboxing.

Made from 100% polyester satin, this piece is also lightweight. It will not hinder you during various strikes and blows. This material is also resistant. Indeed, it will not be able to be damaged or tear easily, and this even if you use it often. Its quality seams will not risk to come undone in a little time. So you can use your article for the long haul.

Equipped with an elastic waistband, this equipment will not be able to slip from your waist. From an aesthetic point of view, it is elegant.

Which boxing shorts to choose? You can opt for this model signed Everlast. It is defined by several users as being the most efficient thanks to its design.

The Pros

Length: The length of this item ends at mid-thigh. As a result, you will be freer and more comfortable when you kick. It will thus be able to serve you well for Thai boxing.

Comfortable: Thanks to its design in 100% polyester satin, this copy is light. It is therefore comfortable to wear.

The cons

Size: This copy turns out to be a bit large for some boxers.

4.Evo Fitness Women Muay Thai Short MMA Kick

These women’s boxing shorts have an anatomical cut. As a result, it hugs your shape well for a pleasant comfort. In addition, it ensures you great mobility when performing your various movements. So you can fight your opponent while remaining comfortable.

Made with a satin fabric, this item is also light and breathable. Indeed, it lets your perspiration evacuate effectively. You will therefore be very dry during the match and the fabric will not stick to your skin. This material is also durable. Tears and deterioration cannot occur over time and with use. The seams are also resistant and will not be able to come undone quickly.

In terms of design, its pink color is very feminine.

If you want to compare the various boxing shorts in the market, this women’s EVO could meet all your needs. It is easy to wear and durable.

The Pros

Anatomical fit : Due to its cut, this item is comfortable to wear. Moreover, it promises you great mobility when you perform your various movements.

Durable: Designed with a quality fabric and with resistant seams, this equipment will be able to accompany you for a long time. It will not be able to tear or be damaged easily.

The cons

Size: For some boxers, this model displays a size larger than the standard one.

5. Boy’s Gear Duo

If you want to buy children’s boxing shorts, this cheap Boy’s Duo Gear could interest you in many ways. It has an elastic cord on its waist. As a result, it can adjust well to the size of your little one. In addition, it offers good support and is not likely to pull back when you give heavy punches.

Very comfortable, this item has a large space between the legs. You can do strikes with great mobility. Made of satin, this equipment is lightweight. This also promotes the realization of your movements.

Very practical, the material of this model is durable. You can thus use your shorts for a long time. It is also easier to maintain. Just wash it by hand to clean it.

This Duo Gear is the cheapest in this ranking. However, it is comfortable to wear.

The Pros

Design: Thanks to the considerable space between the legs, this item allows you to perform your shots and strikes with greater ease and mobility.

Durable: Made with satin, this equipment is light and durable. You will have the opportunity to use it for the long term.

The cons

Size: For some users, this item is a bit small.

Boxing Shorts Purchase Guide

Practicing this discipline should not be done at random. Like all martial arts, boxing, French, English savate or Thai, requires the wearing of specific clothing. The boxing shorts are made in the standards which offer comfort and ease in the movements. Good references, quality products can be deduced from these tips which will serve as a buying guide for the best boxing shorts. So you will know how to buy the best value boxing shorts.

Size and length

For each type of boxing its shorts. If you have chosen boxing, you can opt for shorts whose length is just a few centimeters below the knee. If you want to excel at French savate boxing or Thai boxing, mid-thigh shorts are perfect for easy foot movements. There are also models called “multiboxes” which are suitable for all variations of boxing.

Regarding the size, the shorts are classified in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL, respectively in 40-42, 44-46, 48-50, 52-54, 56-58 and 60-62 in French sizes. For more comfort, consider choosing it in size above yours. The crotch defines the best shorts in order to offer more speed in the slippers.


With lots of movement and small movements, it is essential to have wide and baggy boxing shorts for comfort. This is how the closing mode is an element to consider. The boxing shorts are characterized above all by a good support at the level of the waist, even of the abdomen. Usually provided with a pocket to store the mouthguard, it is more judicious to make a closure that holds well.

Choose the elasticated waistband closed with a drawstring. Some models work with a velcro as a closure. But for better support, recommend shorts with an elasticated waistband, the width of which provides support at the waist and abdomen.


Boxing shorts can be recognized by their color. Manufacturers often favor garish colors: apart from black and white, red, blue and yellow are very popular. The shiny appearance also characterizes this boxing outfit, but there are also sober models enhanced by a sophisticated touch on the color.

This combat sport generates profuse perspiration, so it is advisable to choose a fabric with a texture that allows the sweat to escape. Retaining the least humidity is the motto among manufacturers. Thus, polyester and silk satin are the most widely used fabrics. With the knocks and the gestures, 100% polyester shorts combine resistance and lightness.


Regarding this feature, it is especially distinguished by the cut and logos, as well as the prints printed or embroidered on the shorts. Afterwards, everyone has their own tastes and colors.

In addition to the price comparison, these recommendations are necessary for you to know where to buy new boxer shorts.

Most popular brands

To practice boxing in optimal conditions, it is more than necessary to have high quality equipment. Among the essential equipment in the field, there are shorts which should not distract the boxer in his fight or his training. To achieve this high quality, different manufacturers offer more or less different models. Here are some brands that are the most reliable in the field.

The Venum brand is world famous in the field of martial arts equipment. This French brand is one of the leaders and equips a large number of professional athletes. Its products therefore target all types of practitioners, from beginners to high-level professionals, including true amateurs. The brand provides its customers with several models of boxing shorts so that everyone can find what suits them. There are different sizes as well as models depending on the type of boxing practiced.

Apart from boxing shorts, Venum also produces other accessories such as boxing gloves and helmets. There is also protective equipment, training equipment such as punching bags for example. The whole is in order to satisfy as much as possible all its customers who are generally distributed in Europe, North America and Asia.

In the world of combat sports, it’s hard not to mention the Everlast brand. Of American origin, the company currently sells its products in more than 75 countries. In particular, it offers products intended for professionals, but nothing prevents amateurs and occasional practitioners from equipping themselves with the brand. This provides its customers with a wide variety of boxing shorts that will necessarily adapt to all users. Thus, the customer will be entitled to different sizes and different models depending on the type of boxing used.

The fabrics used may also vary. Apart from the boxing shorts it offers, Everlast also specializes in many other equipment related to combat sports. In particular, it sells other accessories such as boxing gloves, punching bags, protective equipment, etc.

The RDX brand is a benchmark in the world of combat sports and boxing in particular. It offers high quality products to its customers, whether professional athletes, amateurs or even beginners. The brand also provides its customers with a wide variety of shorts. Thus, there are different models depending on the type of boxing practiced, which is a real advantage. There is also the choice of combat shorts or shorts intended for training. Finally, the customer can also choose between the different sizes and the different fabrics offered.

In addition to boxing shorts, RDX also produces other equipment related to the world of boxing. In particular, you can find gloves, fitness accessories, training and protective equipment.

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