All table tennis practitioners know very well that the quality of the equipment used has a positive impact on the game. This is why professionals in this sport only choose the best table tennis ball when buying. In case you are still just starting out and you don’t know which product to go for, find out about the number of balls in a set, the design and the material. We know that it is not easy to find the product that meets all your requirements. Therefore, we chose the Sportly 3-Star 40mm first for you . This is a set of 6 orange balls which are intended for training. We also included in our comparison the Cornilleau Pro * box by 72 since it contains 72 balls of superior quality.

The 3 Best Table Tennis Balls (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

1. Sportly Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls

These are balls that have a diameter of 40 mm. You should know that this is the recommended measurement to optimize performance during the game. Therefore, it is a product that can be used during official competitions. That’s not all since its weight is also well balanced to improve your capacity.

You might be surprised at the power of this product which allows it to ensure the quality of the game. It also benefits from a “spin” which guarantees a better return after the strikes. All this shows that this article is well studied in order to allow you to play in good conditions.

This Sportly product has 6 ping pong balls with a color that helps you find it easily. The maintenance of these devices is also simplified to keep them clean. If you want to acquire a cheap product, this one can satisfy you.

The Pros

Compliant: This model could probably answer the question which ping-pong ball to choose during tournaments. Indeed, the measurements adopted during manufacture comply with international standards.

Efficiency: This is a cheaper item, however its design helps boost your abilities during matches. It also enjoys a quality of construction which affects on its durability in use.

The cons

Insufficient: There is a category of customers who are used to comparing their purchase. According to their remarks, the number of balls in this lot was not sufficient.

2. Cornilleau Balls Pro Pack of 72 Balls

All buyers are bound to wonder what the best ping pong ball on the market is. Indeed, it is important to specify that the products offered for sale are not all equal. The choice of this device is therefore essential to benefit from a good quality of play.

This article that we have chosen might just satisfy you since it is a lot of 72 balls. If you do decide to buy this model, you will always have it on hand and you won’t have to go looking for stray balls anymore, as you can do so after the game is over.

Apart from very careful technical details, the manufacturers have not neglected the quality of manufacture. To the touch, you will find that these devices are more flexible compared to those made of polypro. These are real table tennis balls that are very quick to use.

The Pros

Convenience: Buyers consider Cornilleau to be the best brand of ping pong balls, as this product contains a total of 72 balls. This means that you will never be out of stock, given the number of balls available to you.

Quality: You might be looking for the best performing ball. Then this article might convince you, because it is made from celluloid. It is the material most recommended by manufacturers.

The cons

Fragile Color: Even though this item is in the top recommended model rating right now, some buyers would have noticed that the color of the balls would tend to turn yellow over time.

3. Vision Super Training 40+ Table Tennis Balls

The abundance of products on the market can easily confuse you. Therefore, it becomes difficult to know how to choose the best ping pong balls of 2021. To remedy this, we invite you to consider this model that we have selected. The box offers a capacity of 120 orange colored balls.

These are balls that stand out from the classic ones since they are made from a good quality plastic. The choice of this material is very advantageous because it ensures the life of the balls. Buyers also like these balls because they provide better grip and bounce well during play.

This product is ideal if you are still a beginner in this discipline since it is recommended for professional training. Indeed, it is made with a diameter of 40 mm which is the official size recommended by experts in this sport. In addition, the orange color is very useful to avoid losing the balls.

The Pros

Quality Design: Acquiring this copy can help you determine where to buy the best ping pong ball. Its manufacturer has chosen a high quality plastic to optimize the strength and practicality of use.

Compliant Item: Customers are satisfied after testing this product, as its size meets international requirements. By adopting this model, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills.

The cons

Sound too loud: According to the opinion of a few buyers who commented on these balls, they were particularly loud throughout use.

Table Tennis Balls Purchase guide

As table tennis is played with small balls compared to other sports, we tend to believe that the specific technical criteria of these equipment’s do not really matter. However, professionals in this sport know very well that this type of purchase requires special attention, for example, taking into account the number of items in a lot, if only for the budget. The design and the material with which these products are made also have an impact on the choice.

The number of balls in a lot

Depending on the brand, a ping-pong set can contain 6, 9 or 12 items. On this point, the budget will undoubtedly be decisive in making the final choice. But apart from this workforce, other selection criteria must also be taken into account. Indeed, professional models must follow specific characteristics regarding size, weight and resistance. Normally, the weight of a ping pong ball is around 2.7g with a diameter of 40mm.

The rebound can be from 230 to 260 mm but that depends of course on the material. It is important to be familiar with these technical details, as they have some bearing on the game of table tennis. Regarding color, white remains a classic. However, other much more showy shades are becoming more and more trendy now.


As in any other sport, ping pong balls can also be made in a unique design. On this point, the choice will of course depend on the context of use of this equipment. In general, children are not very demanding when it comes to fitness, unlike adults. Indeed, any buying guide for the best ping pong balls on the internet will claim that the classic specimens will be very suitable for a home workout. This is not the case for official competitions which naturally deserve a modern and professional design.

It is also possible that some references are rounder than others, because it happens that some models have not been designed to perfection, hence the importance of knowing how to buy a ping-pong ball. better value for money.


Before figuring out where to buy a new ping-pong ball, it is still essential to know the technical details of table tennis equipment. Among the criteria for choosing these articles, the subject matter is the most important. Nothing very complicated on this point, because even beginners and amateurs will be able to do well in their transaction thanks to some advice and a good price comparison.

In general, most of these products are made from celluloid. But now, manufacturers are turning more and more to plastic or PVC. Each brand has its peculiarities concerning the specific alloys used for the ping-pong manufacturing materials.

The important thing is just to choose a model that does not contain any side effects for health. Generally speaking, the advantage of plastic specimens is that they are easy to transport. In addition, there is less risk for storage, as they are less flammable. However, those who are used to the feel of celluloid products may find it difficult to adjust to them.

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