The practice of any sport requires that one has some utility tools. In tennis as in any other discipline, you will absolutely need a bag that can accompany you during your training or competition days. This product is essential to carry your essentials such as your towel, your outfit, your socks or your water. Depending on the use you will make of it, you will have to determine its capacity, the number of pockets, the material of manufacture and the various adjustment systems present. A comparison will help you identify the right specimen for you. As for this ranking, we will inform you about the most esteemed models of the moment. These include the Wilson WRZ850806appreciated for its large capacity of 6 rackets and the Head Tour Team 6 R recommended by users for the large space it makes available to everyone.

Wilson WRZ850806

To find the best tennis bag, you will need to refer to your needs. If you are one of those people who like to carry a lot of utility items, this model from Wilson will have you covered. It also has a large capacity. Indeed, it can accommodate within it up to 6 rackets. Of course, you can bring only three and benefit from the remaining space for your various things such as your water bottles, your towels, or your shoes.

As for its design, the designer of this specimen wanted to make it unisex. Both men and women will be able to use it without impacting their daily look.

Regarding the available compartments, you will distinguish two main ones for your basic equipment and an external pocket for the small auxiliaries which will be essential to you.

To transport this material, you can use either the shoulder strap or the handle. The first is adjustable according to your size.

The Pros

Practice: This item was intended to hold up to 6 tennis rackets. So you won’t be afraid of running out of space to insert everything you need for your training or competitions. Also, the 2 compartments and the external pocket with which this model is equipped will allow you to methodically classify your belongings.

Comfortable: The shoulder strap of this specimen is adjustable in height. You can then adapt it according to your size. And, to keep you from getting tired, it’s padded. To clean it, you just need to remove it thanks to its removable feature.

The cons

Expensive: This specimen is still a bit more expensive than average.

Head Tour Team 6R

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced professional, it is not always easy to know how to choose the best tennis bags for 2021. In any case, it is still advantageous to turn to a large capacity specimen like the HEAD Tour Team 6R.

This model is suitable for accommodating up to 6 rackets at one time. If, however, you do not have as many, the remaining space will be used to carry the accessories you will need to complete your session. This could include your socks, your outfit, your water bottle or your towel.

And for small items that get lost easily, the brand has taken care to provide you with a mesh pocket inside and a simple one outside. On the other hand, to ensure good wearing comfort, the shoulder strap is adjustable. You can shorten or lengthen it depending on your size.

The Pros

Sturdy Materials: Due to its high quality polyester design, this product can be considered the best performing.

Good capacity: This variation is able to accommodate 6 rackets at a time. You will also have enough room to carry your clothes and even your shoes with you.

Convenient Pockets: This item includes an interior mesh pocket to organize your spare socks. A second outside compartment is also presented to you to have at hand the auxiliaries that you will frequently need.

The cons

Heavy: This model weighs almost 1 kg. This is not very convenient if you have to add additional equipment to it.

Babolat X12 Team

If you are wondering where to buy the best tennis bag, we recommend taking a look at Babolat. Today, the brand offers articles that are all as practical as they are functional. This following the example of the X12 Team.

This product is particularly distinguished by its three storage compartments. In fact, most specimens presented on the market generally only have two. For the most organized among us, this reference is ideal. Its main cell is able to accommodate up to 3 rackets. The other two located on each side of the article will be used to accommodate your personal items such as your clothes, your shoes, your balls, your socks and of course your water.

An exterior pocket is also available for the items you will need the most. Designed in polyester, this product is resistant. He will therefore not fear daily handling. You will be able to use it for several years to come.

The Pros

3 separate compartments: You will no longer have to mix your belongings between them. This will allow you to find them more easily.

Two shoulder straps: With this system, you will be able to wear this item more easily. You might even consider putting it on your back.

Resistant: Thanks to its polyester construction, this item is strong. In particular, you will be able to insert a lot of personal belongings without the seams breaking according to user tests.

The cons

Expensive: In the opinion of consumers, its price should be a little more accessible.

How to choose a good tennis bag?

You could equip yourself with any tennis sports bag, only it must meet certain criteria of size and weight. So we end up having to resort to a tennis bag itself. And if you don’t quite make the difference yet, we’ll tell you more in this article, in addition to giving you some buying advice.


If you notice in tennis clubs and on courts, tennis bags, there are a multitude of them depending on the equipment to be transported. For example, we can talk about the racquet in its own cover, the balls, but also the water bottle, something to nibble on and hold during a match, the polo shirt and shorts, the shoes, and of course, the towel.

On the market there are the largest specimens or bags with wheels that look like a cabin suitcase with a telescopic handle intended for impressive volumes (100 l) and for players who move often. Then we have the smaller ones called thermo bags, which can accommodate up to 15 rackets at a time in addition to other things, and also backpacks, where you can slide a maximum of 2 rackets, a few balls, and the bare essentials. If the number of compartments allows it as well as its size (especially at the level of the racket), you can at a pinch use a simple sports bag.


As we often have to carry different utilities in a tennis bag (cold drinks, clothes, shoes, equipment), brands have always developed models with different compartments, insulated for some, simple for others, so that ‘you can store everything there without running the risk of the fresh fruit juices heating up or that the racket becomes distorted in torrential rain, for example.

In a price comparison, then turn to items made of waterproof materials. Depending on how advanced you are in tennis and how often you play, choosing products that are more or less resistant over time will help you answer the question of how to buy a better value tennis bag.

Padding and portability

Tennis bags generally have a strap that can be worn over the shoulder like any other strap. There are also other models with 2 straps making “backpack”. Either way, especially if you have a ton of gear to lug around, make sure the bag is well padded all over so you don’t hurt yourself on the trip. Content security also depends on it. The key is to equip yourself with a light copy, but resistant to bad weather, and occasional or frequent use depending on your level of practice.

To better store your accessories in an organized way, choose models with many compartments that will facilitate transport. In a buying guide for the best tennis bags, there’s no shortage of choice. So if you are looking at all costs for an answer to the question of where to buy a new tennis bag, go to the sites that you can find in it. The heavier your bag, the more padded or equipped with a handle and wheels.

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