Whatever your level in tennis, it is essential to choose the balls with which you are going to play. On the other hand, it is often difficult to sort through the many models on the market. However, choosing this accessory can boost your potential. If you are having trouble making a decision, you will need to consider the design, size and materials of the model you are considering, before you even buy it. If you have a little time, you can take a look at the products that appear in our comparison. We picked the 3 Star Sportly first , this is a set of ping pong balls designed with recommended tournament sizes. The Dunlop Fort All Court TScan also satisfy you if you are looking for balls suitable for competitions. This model is appreciated for its speed and also the rebound during the game.

Sportly 3 stars

If you are new to buying them, you might have a hard time figuring out how to choose the best tennis balls of 2021. This product from Sportly contains 6 table tennis balls that measure 40mm. This is a recommended size during official matches.

The purchase of this item is particularly advantageous since its weight is well balanced for table tennis. It is for this reason that this article is recommended for professionals in this sport. This technique also enhances the performance of the players.

Faced with the manufacturing quality of this product, it offers significant rebound power. This feature enhances the consistency of the volley for better playing quality. When using these devices, you will also enjoy a straight spin. All these characteristics are highly sought after by the practitioners of this sport. This is why this article is at the top of our ranking.

The Pros

Compliant: This item may meet your requirements if you do not know where to buy the best tennis ball. Indeed, its size and weight are approved. Therefore, this model is suitable for official tournaments.

Efficient: Given the design of these articles, they offer great rebound to optimize the volley. You thus benefit from a straight return when the opponent strikes the ball in turn.

The cons

Defective: Despite all the positive reviews of this product, some of the customers are not convinced of its quality. According to their claim, some balls in this batch deflate after a few weeks.

Dunlop Fort All Court TS

Our product comparator can help you get the best tennis ball. The specificities of this product meet the expectations of the most demanding players. Indeed, the manufacturer has combined HD technology and Fluoro Cloth on this product to maximize its quality. The combination of these systems allows this material to be among the most sought after on the current market.

Here you have items that are recommended for competitions. They benefit from a superior design thanks to the FFT certification. The largest teams around the world choose this model thanks to its very advantageous criteria.

Users are satisfied with the speed of these balls during play. They also offer a high quality bounce which strengthens the potential of the athletes. Moreover, they are also recommended since they can easily adapt to all types of terrain on which you plan to play.

The Pros

Efficient: Several buyers consider Dunlop to be the best brand of tennis balls thanks to the technology used in the manufacture of its products. The design of this article meets all the requirements, therefore it can be adopted in competitions.

Efficient: If you decide to invest in this product, you benefit from its maximum speed. That’s not all since it also offers a better rebound to strengthen the game.

The cons

Questionable quality: After the test carried out by some buyers, they regret that the balls deflate quickly. They were forced to buy it back every two months or so.

Philonext 12 Pieces

It is normal not to know which is the best tennis ball on the market. Indeed, the offer is particularly abundant and this does not simplify the research. On the other hand, this product may interest you if you are more demanding. The manufacturer has combined high quality rubber and polyester fiber on this item. These substances provide the necessary strength to the balls to make them last longer.

Acquiring this equipment may be right for you if you are still at the beginner level in the sport. It can also be used to entertain your pets. The materials chosen for the construction do not contain any toxic elements. Faced with its diameter of 7 cm, this ball can easily attract your puppy.

When you order this item you will receive a total of 12 balls. Therefore, you will always have some in reserve. The product is also supplied in a bag which simplifies transport.

The Pros

Durable: In case you are not sure which tennis ball to choose, you can go for this model. It is made from strong materials which ensure its sturdiness. It is thanks to its components that it is also suitable for animals.

Practical: The 12 balls are sold in a flexible bag in the form of a net. This device is very useful to simplify transport. It also makes it easier for you to store the contents.

The cons

Amusement balls: Users who have had the time to compare this product have found that it does not bounce at all during use.

Wilson Federer Size 4

Buying this kind of equipment can sometimes be complicated for some people. If you are one of them, you can turn to this Wilson brand product. This is a set which contains a total of 4 yellow balls of size 4. The major advantage of this equipment is that it easily adapts to all types of terrain.

This item is among the best on the market since it is ITF and USTA approved. These parameters show that the manufacture of this product meets the requirements. Therefore, it offers optimum performance to all users.

The core of this copy is harder compared to classic models. This part is made of Dura-Weave felt, a quality material that brings good strength to the whole. All this proves that this equipment is suitable for intensive use. The high density of this item allows it to maximize your potential when you use it.

The Pros

Versatile: This ball incorporates this classification thanks to its ability to adapt to all terrains, whether hard or clay. So, you can easily acquire this material without worrying about this detail.

Compliant: Some buyers consider this product to be the best performing because of its approvals. It is reliable equipment that you can order with confidence.

The cons

Insufficient quantity: Buyers would have liked the seller to provide more than 4 balls, as there will not be enough for the duration of practices or matches.

Mantis Set of 3

If your budget to acquire this type of device is limited, you will have to invest in a cheap product. This model meets precisely this requirement since it is offered at a very reasonable price. You have here a set of 3 balls which are intended more for training. This is the perfect purchase if your child is starting to take an interest in tennis.

Considering their weight of 159 g, these balls are particularly light compared to other examples that you will find on the market. Therefore, you will have no trouble handling them, especially if you are new to this sport. The design of this product is also neat so that it resembles the devices used by professionals.

These balls can also be used for fun with your pets. Indeed, their diameters are suitable for dogs. In addition, they also do not contain substances that could poison your puppies.

The Pros

Accessible: This material is less expensive compared to other models in its category, yet it presents rather interesting aspects. It is ideal for training and is also suitable for beginners.

Practical: The manufacture of this article simplifies its use. This device is also made for dogs who are used to playing with balls.

The cons

Unsatisfactory: Some buyers claim that these balls do not bounce. In addition, they are not strong enough.

How do you choose good tennis balls?

There is a wide variety of tennis balls depending on the size or the materials of manufacture. These are not the only criteria that differentiate them from each other. Design also counts for a lot in the selection of this type of accessory.


To obtain a tennis ball, we assemble two rubber semicircles that we cover with felt and glue to hold everything together. That said, depending on the circumstances, the type and design will vary. For training, but also for competition, we prefer to turn to the pressure ball. They are filled with air and reactive thanks to their flexible rubber. However on clay, they risk to gain volume and therefore a little weight, since they easily absorb moisture.

Then, we have the single balls, ideal for beginners in this sport while the foam models are especially intended for children. By moving to the next level of advancement or to the age group above, we find the intermediate versions also called Mid. These will further reveal the talent and technicality of an experienced player.


In competition, the size of a tennis ball is regulated and must have a diameter of at least 6.35 mm and not more than 6.67 mm. Be demanding and careful about this if you want to see yourself open the doors to the official courts.

In this buying guide for the best tennis balls, we recommend that you choose the size according to your weight class and age as well as that of your opponent. The children have theirs by way of illustration and the adults the same.

And if you really want to figure out how to buy better value tennis balls, don’t skip this feature, because size often also depends on price. With all of these tips, we hope you now know where to buy new tennis balls, and most importantly make your decision objectively in any price comparison you find.


Several data and criteria must be taken into account in the selection of the material of a tennis ball: flexibility, reactivity, height of rebound or speed. With a ball that is too light, you never know where it will land and if it will produce the desired effect. With another slower and heavier, there are less surprises, on the other hand, this type requires more power and force.

The materials in which your accessory is made also influence the comfort felt during the game.

In practice, rubber is mainly found as the main component. The important thing is to find resistant series, especially in the context of intensive use. The versions without pressure make it possible in particular to achieve this result. Plastic, foam or red dot felt balls are more suitable for small children who are just starting to touch the racquet.

Most popular brands

When you go to practice a sporting activity, the use of suitable equipment is always recommended. As for tennis balls, be aware that they may have characteristics to accommodate depending on your style of play, the type of court and your performance.

Once you have passed the stage of the selection parameters, you will be able to choose your products in the best conditions. The purpose of this article is to educate you on the most popular brands of tennis balls on the market.

Are you looking for quality equipment? You may plan to turn to Wilson’s articles. The brand offers a wide range of models that will delight all practitioners of this sport.

No matter your skill level or the type of ball you are looking for, Wilson offers a multitude of ball categories that will perfectly suit your playing style on the court. Whether for training or games, amateurs or professionals, Wilson materials are also available for all budgets.

Babolat is a brand that does not go unnoticed in the field of tennis equipment. As for balls, it offers a wide variety of models that can adapt to all the playing styles of its user.

Beginners in this sport have the possibility of opting for the so-called intermediate balls which have the particularity of presenting a good longevity. You will also be able to choose pressureless hard core balls if you are an intensive or regular practitioner. Children can also find their happiness with mini-tennis balls.

Head is a brand that no longer needs presentation for connoisseurs. It is especially recognized for the manufacturing quality of its equipment. You will be able to find a certain number of items of the sign such as rackets, shoes, protective covers, clothing, balls and many more.

As for the balls, you have the possibility to choose your model according to your needs. If you are a beginner in the field, you will be able to select the soft core types or the so-called intermediate ones. Professionals or intensive gamers may favor Head brand hard-core equipment.

If you’re still looking for the tennis ball that can meet your needs, you might want to take a look at Prince’s items. The brand is especially in demand because of the quality of its equipment.

The bullets offered by Prince have the particularity of presenting interesting resistance attributes. The brand’s materials also offer good longevity. They do not wear out quickly even for regular or heavy users.

Dunlop is best known in the field of equipment relating to pneumatics. The brand has also found a place among the most popular brands of the moment in terms of tennis ball manufacturing.

Dunlop items are favored by users for the value they offer. They are particularly resistant and are accessible for all budgets.

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