The net is an essential piece of equipment in the practice of tennis. Without his presence, the game cannot take place. However, you won’t get the maximum comfort and performance from your exercises until you have the best tennis net in your possession. And to find it, you will have to look at several parameters. The criteria to be considered are: the type, size, portability, and the material of the equipment in question. These elements will also allow you to know how to choose the best tennis nets of 2021. You will have to look for the best performing specimen in all respects in order to have the device that will meet your expectations. However, if you haven’t been able to get your hands on your article yet, we offer these two references. theEuroMarkt Vermont has practical measurements to adapt to various styles of play. For its part, the Sportplus SP Net-031 is appreciated by users for its versatility and its capacity to accommodate various sports disciplines.

EuroMarkt Vermont

Euromarkt is a brand to visit if you don’t know where to buy the best tennis net out there. The Vermont benchmark, moreover, happens to be one of the most popular models for users, hence its presence in this ranking.

This item has standard dimensions for training or official matches. Indeed, it is 42 feet or 120 cm long and can therefore be suitable for a single or double game mode. Its measurements can be reduced to 33 feet by positioning fixing sticks.

For the structure of the equipment, a steel cable of headline wire 4 mm thick comes into play to ensure the strength of the assembly. It is then covered with a 2mm PVC coating. This in order to resist external alterations, but also tears.

The Pros

Adaptable to single and double play : With its measures, you can easily accommodate it with the type of activity you want to perform. Indeed, they can contain a duel or if you want to face 4 on the court.

Net Design: This model with innovative technology will not fail you even after a long time. The structure is made entirely with 2mm twisted HDPE twine. It is also treated to effectively resist UV rays.

The cons

Lacks a storage bag : Buyers feel that a carrying system should come with this model.

Sportplus SP Net-031

According to users, the features of the Sportplus SP Net-031 brilliantly answer the question which is the best tennis net on the market. The special thing about this model is its versatility if you have to compare it. It comes with 2 extra accessories so you don’t have to buy extra hardware.

The modules are of different sizes so that you can practice soft football, soft tennis, badminton or even volleyball. The height of the device is then adjustable on the telescopic poles according to your preferences and the type of activity you plan to do.

Practicality has been optimized by Sportplus when designing this specimen. It comes with a stand that doubles as a storage case. Entirely made of plastic, it is resistant to corrosion, but also to rust.

The Pros

3 in 1 equipment : This item is supplied with 2 additional nets so that you will not have difficulty varying your sports activities. Indeed, you just need to interchange the components according to the discipline you plan to practice.

Easy handling: The assembly is done in two stages three movements. You can do it without any outside help, without having to take out your DIY arsenal.

The cons

Reduced Measurements : The measurements of this model cannot contain high level competition.

Le Petit Tennis LPT-Max18

Which tennis net to choose for your disciplines? Le Petit tennis aims to meet users’ expectations with this model. It is a complete material. With it, you will not need to purchase additional accessories for its installation.

Indeed, it is supplied with a steel support which ensures its stability on the ground. The net is secured with clips and the tightening process is completed in seconds. The structure is made of resistant nylon and does not fear temperature variations.

The height is adjustable between 30 and 90 cm depending on the user profile. The product is supplied with a carrying bag to make it easier to move around with your equipment. It can also serve as a storage space for your device.

The Pros

Easy to install : This model can be set up in no time. The edges are provided with Velcro fasteners that secure the attachments with the support. Plus, it has convenient feet so you don’t have to search for stakes to secure it.

Stability: The feet have an ergonomic appearance which ensures easy installation on all types of floors. It can then be put on a lawn, a cemented surface or even on concrete.

The cons

Fragile support : Despite the fact that it is made of solid metal and does not fear intensive handling, it is however not resistant to humidity. It tends to rust quickly.

How to choose a good tennis net?

Tennis clubs and individuals who plan to play at home should be aware of a few details about equipment such as the net before getting started. To prevent you from inheriting an item that will keep you maximum a few months, consider these few tips that we give you in this buying guide for the best tennis nets.


Several sports use the net, which means that there are several variations: for table tennis, tennis, badminton and volleyball. We also have beach tennis and beach volleyball, hence the importance of familiarizing yourself with each type so as not to be misled. In a price comparison, you can find 2 or 3 in 1 models intended at the same time for volleyball, tennis and badminton. In order to determine how to buy a better value tennis net, start there.

In the case of table tennis for example, if the table is 152.5 cm wide, the net must exceed it by 15.25 cm on each side and therefore measure 183 cm. For tennis, the highest part of the net should be 91.4 cm above the ground: so many details and precision to remember for each sport.


If you want your installation to comply with current standards, know that your net must be 12.7 m long. It is 1.04m high on each end and 0.99m in the center. The meshes are square or diamond-shaped and do not exceed 45 mm per side.

Regarding the thickness, this characteristic will determine the life of the net and is to be chosen according to the level of practice of the players and according to the intended use: amateur or professional. Besides the fact that the texture is a guarantee of quality and durability, it also suggests better cushioning of the balls. The diameter, meanwhile, varies from 2 to 4 mm.


In a tennis club, you often play with your own equipment, including the net. If you also want to improvise several matches on vacation indoors or at the beach, you will have to travel with your net. In this case, the latter will have to be light and easy to transport.

Stores that understand the issue sell their products in waterproof and practical covers. On the market, today we find portable tennis nets adjustable in height that can be set up in 5 minutes flat. So, in order to make your life easier, go to one of these stores.


There are woven articles or cords of polyethylene, and those made of polypropylene. To answer the question of where to buy a new tennis net, know that several online stores offer them at reasonable prices. You just have to take a look. In terms of the band and the reinforcements in the lower part, the finishes, we have PVC, textile or nylon.

No matter what material you lean for, always keep in mind to adopt a durable item. Thanks to it, you can train as often as you want without having to replace it after a few months of use. If you are looking for a sign of quality in order to sort through all the products on the market, find on the label the indications showing that your future purchase follows the NF S 52-311 standards.

Depending on where you plan to install it, outdoors or indoors, opt for an anti-UV treated model so as not to suffer damage caused by the sun’s rays as well as bad weather.

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