The tennis racket is an essential accessory for people who practice this sport. However, all the models offered on the market are not the same. It is therefore necessary to collect all the essential information before making your choice. Among the criteria, it is essential to consider the materials, durability and stringing of the model considered. We have prepared a comparison of several products that may be suitable for you. But to save you time, you can consider this Wilson Tour Slam Lite 105 which is a unisex device. It is appreciated for its point of balance which allows it to adapt to amateurs and experts in this discipline. If you are looking for quality equipment, try the tennis racket Babolat Pure Strike you will immediately be won over by its performance. It is handy and versatile.

The 6 Best Tennis Rackets (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

If you have difficulty agreeing on the equipment to buy, we invite you to take a look at this comparison. We have included the materials most recommended by consumers on the Web. You will thus be able to have a small idea on the model to acquire.

1. Wilson Amateurs Tour Slam Lite 105 Tennis Racket

This product can satisfy people who are wondering how to choose the best tennis rackets of 2021. It is appreciated by users thanks to the Volcanic Frame technology it incorporates. The presence of this system in this article allows you to maximize the power of your strikes. You will also enjoy better handling with each use if you opt for this women’s tennis racquet.

The racquet becomes lighter since it weighs only 274 g without the strings. It is therefore an easy to use accessory. That’s not all, as you also get better accuracy in keystrokes. Thanks to the size of the head and the length of the strings, this device offers more power so that you can surpass yourself. The design of its frame allows it to be effective in all circumstances. To top it off, the racquet features Stop Shock technology that decreases vibrations during hits.

The designer has taken care to carefully select all the components of this product so that it meets all the needs of use. The frame is made of high quality graphite. It also incorporates pads that provide real comfort for the grips. So you don’t risk having a sore wrist either.

The Pros

Performance: The manufacturer has combined Volcanic Frame technology and Stop Shock on this product in order to improve your playing. The first increases the punching power while the second decreases vibrations in order to favor comfort.

Design: If you want to know where to buy the best tennis racket, then this product can satisfy you. Indeed, all the components of this article have been studied closely in order to optimize your achievements during training and matches.

The cons

Incomplete: Buyers would have appreciated that this product was sold with the bag that allows it to be stored. Indeed, this kind of accessory is essential to protect the racket and facilitate its transport.

2. Babolat Pure Strike Team Strung Unisex Tennis Racket

Whether you are a tennis player still in search of your marks or an athlete wishing to improve his performances, you can count on Babolat. The brand is known in the field for the design quality of its equipment and its versatility.

In the case of the Pure Strike 100, handling has been put forward by the manufacturer. Its graphite composition as well as its mass of 300 g will give you maximum ease during the execution of your shots. Added to this is its FSI Power technology. This is a string pattern with wider crosses to boost your power.

This model has a sieve of 645 cm². This feature provides the equipment with an acceptable hitting area to better control the ball and be more precise.

The Pros

Increased maneuverability: The weight of this Babolat tennis racquet gives it a good compromise between power and balance during your shots. This allows it to easily accommodate all user profiles.

Hybrid Frame System: This technology gives the equipment an interesting stability aiming to optimize the spin.

Stylish look: The manufacturer has given it an aesthetic that immediately catches the eye with its all-white shade.

The cons

Deterrent price: Consumers believe that its cost remains inaccessible to some. However, this is justified by the brand awareness in the field.

3. Head Tennisschläger Titanium Ti S6 Tennis Racket

If you enjoy this type of sport, you may have heard of Head before. The brand is essential for connoisseurs. Moreover, its equipment is intended for all player profiles. And if you’re new to the business, the Ti S6 is right for you.

For this, Head has configured this model so that it optimizes the comfort of use. Indeed, this specimen is equipped with a large sieve of 742 cm² ensuring ease of handling and an increased strike zone in contact with the ball.

You will also have access to more speed in your game thanks to its 70 cm long. When you’re on the baseline, the racquet compensates for short hits. In addition, the titanium which goes into its composition gives it resistance to any test.

The Pros

Robust: Its frame is made of titanium. This element stands out for its strength and lightness. He is not afraid of intensive handling. This material is well on its way to offering consistent durability to its user.

Practical dimensions: Its length of 70 cm will allow you to gain considerable momentum during your strikes. Added to this is its 742 cm² screen, giving you free access to various styles of play.

The cons

Not Suitable for Professionals: Despite its performance, connoisseurs claim that this Head tennis racquet is only for beginners and intermediate level athletes.

4. Babolat Nadal 26 One Size Tennis Racket

This Babolat tennis racket is suitable for children who are new to this discipline. By adopting this accessory, they can progress more quickly. The acquisition of this product may therefore be beneficial to you if you want your offspring to improve their skills in this sport.

Precisely, the manufacturer has not neglected the design quality of this product. Moreover, this is one of the reasons why this product is very popular in the current market. The construction materials ensure the robustness of this product. It resists wear and shocks during use. However, this product is not expensive. Buying it may be right for you if you are looking for an item that offers good value for money.

In addition to being robust, this device has been designed to improve user comfort. The racquet offers better maneuverability thanks to the characteristics of its wrist. Its weight is also reduced to avoid inconvenience during use. The manufacturer wanted to lighten this accessory in order to adapt more easily to the arms of your children. This technique also improves the performance of the player who gains in speed and especially in power.

The Pros

Effective: This article is among the most recommended in this ranking for its effectiveness. Its design meets the needs of your children so that they can develop their performance. Moreover, most parents have announced that their little ones are making progress thanks to this accessory.

Robust: Customers who have compared this product to their previous purchases say that it is particularly robust. This characteristic is explained by the materials chosen by the manufacturer of this article. By opting for this equipment, you will be guaranteed better durability.

The cons

Limited Purchase: Buyers regret that this product is only available with one size. Indeed, they would have liked to be able to buy them when their child grows up, however, this model would no longer be suitable.

5. Prince TXT Warrior 107 Limited Edition Tennis Racket

As for this racquet, Prince has equipped it with its Textreme technology. The latter is based on a new carbon structure aimed at optimizing the stability of the whole during your game. Indeed, this model resists torsions and develops maximum tolerance to off-center hits.

This construction will facilitate your exchanges in any situation, if you go up to the net for the shots on the fly for example. It gives you balanced power even if you present an aggressive style.

For its maneuverability, you can also count on its grip with an adherent coating. This design gives it an easy grip while improving your level, especially if you find yourself in the intermediate or advanced category.

The Pros

Ergonomic grip : On the handle is a non-slip structure optimizing the grip of the product. It has a high adhesion capacity thus allowing the realization of several types of strikes without difficulty.

Powerful: Its frame with TeXtreme technology and its large ball contact area will significantly release the player’s power and explosiveness.

The cons

Less precise: This Prince tennis racquet is largely focused on the power that you will need a time of adaptation and a certain level to control its touch.

6. Wilson Federer 26 Tennis Racket

This inexpensive tennis racket features Swiss athlete Roger Federer. It is intended for children in the age group of 10 to 12 years. By handling it, they will have the impression of playing like their favorite athlete.

By purchasing this item you will have some additional accessories. Indeed, the manufacturer offers you 3 balls so that you do not think about getting any more. It is also supplied with a storage bag in which your toddler can store his equipment between two uses.

As for the Wilson tennis racket, it is light and easy to handle. It is made with an element designed to resist the actions of your little one. Benefiting from Headguard technology and a 16 * 19 string pattern, this system will allow your little one to send powerful shots coupled with spin.

The Pros

Frame Design: This component is made of aluminum. The latter is both robust and light so that your toddler does not encounter any difficulties when handling the equipment.

Large strike zone: This model has a large head of 677 cm² so that your little one can effectively train to develop his playing precision.

Complete accessories: The pack includes a tennis racket and ball to be immediately operational after your purchase. All that remains is to find the ground in which to practice.

The cons

Cover Design : The storage bag can only hold the sieve part. Parents say that for a kid’s tennis racket, the manufacturer should offer more protection.

Tennis Rackets Purchase guide

In addition to the physical ability of the player, performance in any sport is also linked to the quality of the accessories. In tennis, the most important accessory is obviously the racket, because it forms the link between the player and the ball. It is therefore imperative to have a good racket that will allow you to make the most of your abilities. Here are some tips that will help you better understand how to buy a better value tennis racket with the main parameters to consider.

The materials

In this buying guide for the best tennis rackets, we recommend that you first take a look at the materials that make it up. There are many materials, and not all are created equal. There are currently two main materials for tennis rackets: aluminum and graphite. Aluminum is a heavy but very strong material which is mainly intended for children and beginners. It provides a firm grip and is much less subject to vibration upon impact with the ball.

Graphite on the other hand is much lighter and more fragile but it allows much more control in the game. To improve it, graphite can be mixed with titanium to be more rigid or with fiberglass to be more rigid. soft. The choice will therefore depend on the skills and competencies of the player. This is why you have to know what level you are currently at and what performance should you work on to choose the right material.


A tennis racket is an accessory that accompanies the tennis player in all his sessions. If you are unsure of where to buy a new tennis racket, consider your playing frequency first. If you play regularly at a rate of several times a week, it is advisable to take a fairly strong racquet as it may cause damage. break with use if it is too fragile. Also, make sure that the durability of the racket perfectly matches your pace of progression as you will need to change setup one day.

If you are a more casual player, you can take a racket that is more fragile but also less expensive because it will not be too stressed. This will also be important because this setup may not be suitable for your playing style and you will be able to switch rackets more easily.

The rope

You will notice in a price comparison that the string is one of the most important elements of a tennis racket. This is in fact the part of the racket which is in contact with the ball and the impact will certainly depend on its quality. There are multifilament, monofilament, gut, gut and hybrid tennis strings. Intensive players should choose monofilaments as they are more durable. Casual players can choose a multifilament string which is much more comfortable. Finally, if you find yourself between the two, you can choose a hybrid or gimp string which are the most versatile.

How to use a tennis racket?

Tennis like all other sports requires a certain technique and skill in order not to injure yourself or strain a muscle on the first session. And in the long term, it is always useful to know some tips to take good care of your racquet and save yourself from buying one every 3 months.

Hold the racket correctly

If you’ve held a racket very little in your life and didn’t know how to do it, in this section we’ll outline the basics of how to get to grips with your racket. Grasping the latter by the end of the handle or, on the contrary, near the head each has its own small effect. We recommend this for experienced players, however if you are just starting out, get used to keeping your hand right in the middle of the neck.

Hit with the racket

There are several backhand techniques. Yes, this is how we call the more or less powerful shots given in tennis to throw the ball far into the opposing court. We have for example the forehand grip, the closed forehand grip, the closed backhand, or the two-handed backhand. Left-handed people should point their racquets to the right, right-handed people the other way around.

Cut the rope

If you’ve made a hole in the string of your racquet, know that refurbishing it is not that complicated and that with a few recommendations, you will get there like a pro. Cut the line with pruning shears. Start in the middle, top to bottom, then left to right.

Remove the rope

Using a screwdriver that you are going to stick through the rope and that you will walk over the entire surface, untie the knots. Once done, push the remaining string out of the racket. It may take you a few minutes to remove everything.

Putting the racket in place

First of all, know that you will need a dedicated machine to put the string back on the racquet. It generally has 6 or more clamps to keep the latter stationary. Do not over tighten as this may distort the structure. It is more convenient to string a 6 or 8 hole racquet with a machine at the same number of holes.

Pay attention to the calibration of each string

You need to adjust the tension of the strings one by one. So start with the first 8 uprights going to the right starting from the handle. Then do the same on the other side. Be careful, if you tighten too much, the rope may break faster. It should be noted that at the last upright on each side of the racket, a pressure of 2 kg more than that in the middle must be added. Pass them through, tie and voila.

Carry your racket

Snowshoes are usually sold with a bag to transport them. If you don’t have a tennis bag, at least make sure you have it so you don’t put yours at risk. This tennis accessory has a tendency to deform under the effect of humidity, hence the usefulness of putting it in a safe, dry place at room temperature.

Most popular brands

Everyone knows that the practice of tennis requires the acquisition of what is commonly called “racket”. It is in fact the equipment used to return the ball to the field. If you are a beginner, note that the choice of this type of material should be done with the greatest care. It is in this sense that we have decided to draw up a list of the most renowned brands in the design of this kind of product.

Wilson is a brand specializing in the field of sports. Indeed, this brand presents a whole host of equipment in several disciplines. We can for example cite badminton, basketball, squash, volleyball and of course baseball.

In matters of tennis, Wilson launches several articles . Among them, tennis rackets. These are recognized for their superior quality, strength and reliability. The manufacturer has not stopped innovating the design of its accessories. When it comes to comfort, Wilson guarantees every user an extraordinary experience with minimal vibrations. Your performance will thus be increased tenfold.

This is a big brand that we no longer even present in the field of badminton, padel and tennis. In this sense, Babolat will be able to supply you largely with ropes, balls, textiles, luggage, overgrips and also antivibration.

As for tennis rackets, the manufacturer offers several ranges divided according to your needs. The design of each specimen has been specially studied to support a specific type of player. You will be able to find there a reference which will correspond to you exactly. For those who are physically strong, for example, you can opt for a model with a standard weight. This will increase your control in the field.

Head is one of the sports brands par excellence. Indeed, this sign does a bit of everything. Rest assured, however, because she has made it a point of honor to offer you the best of her expertise. The products you will find in stores will thus meet your needs in terms of strength, performance and maneuverability. Whether you are a skier, ice skater or swimmer, you will find everything you need at Head.

When it comes to tennis racquets, Head offers you a whole range of items that are easy to handle and soft to the touch. And thanks to the GrapheneTouch technology integrated in some of its references, vibrations will no longer be a problem for you.

American company, Prince specializes only in the manufacture of equipment in a few sports fields. These include golf, squash and racket sports. The products provided for this purpose are: clothes, balls and other tools necessary in the practice of this kind of activity.

As for the tennis rackets presented by Prince, they stand out for their robustness and precision. This will allow you to maximize your results on the court.

Dunlop is a sports factory opened in 1889. Today it produces a host of items in the fields of squash, golf, table tennis and of course tennis. These include balls and rackets.

As for those intended for tennis, Dunlop presents a wide range dedicated to both beginners and professionals. For those who want to learn, opt for light equipment instead. But for those already confirmed and looking for precision, table for a standard weight. Rest assured though, because each Dunlop specimen will give you power, comfort and above all control.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: What is the composition of a tennis racket?

A1: Generally speaking, the tennis racket consists of a frame, a sieve and a handle. Respectively, the former can be done in various elements. If in the past it was designed in laminated wood, today technological advances have enabled the development of materials as light as they are resistant such as aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium or even Kevlar. The second is the part that receives the string. The third is the component with which the equipment is held. It is often provided with a grip to optimize the comfort of use.

Q2: How much does a professional tennis racket cost?

A2: The tennis racquets of professional players differ slightly from the models you will find on the market. Above all, they are personalized to suit the athlete’s expectations and performance as much as possible. To get it, you need to save hundreds of dollars. High-end specimens even approach miles.

Q3: How do I seal a tennis racket?

A3: If you want to customize your tennis racket or add some weight to it, you can go for adhesive lead strips. However, they cannot be placed just anywhere. You must carefully choose the area to seal so as not to interfere with the handling of your equipment. In general, they are placed in the places where your equipment presents the least risk of touching the ground such as inside the frame, in the heart, or on the neck. If you do not have the notions, consult a professional to avoid damaging your device.

Q4: How to string a tennis racket in 4 knots?

A4: To start, you need to have the necessary length of string. In the case of using a spool, cut what you need, taking 12 m as a reference, which is the standard length of equipment on the market. Count the number of holes in the heart. For the 4 knot method, two lengths of line are used, one for the uprights and one for the crosses. Be sure to check for potential pressure losses on the stopping nodes.

Q5: Where to string my tennis racket?

A5: You can do it yourself as long as you have the appropriate equipment in your possession such as the gripper machine (flying or fixed, electric or mechanical). The best alternative would be to go to a store dedicated to this type of equipment or to a professional.

Q6: How to make a tennis racket?

A6: The first step consists of winding the “prepreg” around a mandrel according to the lay-up plane. Then comes the pre-molding which consists of removing the mandrel and adding the racket bridge. Once placed inside the mold, the cooking process is carried out in about ten minutes at a temperature of 100 ° C at its exit. Sand and over mold the handle. All you have to do is drill the frame, paint it and install the decals.

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