When playing tennis, racket stringing is something you shouldn’t overlook. For amateurs and professionals alike, the selection of this component must be done down to the smallest detail so that it does not affect performance. If you have decided to buy some, you will need to highlight a few parameters in order to find the material that will suit you the most. However, if you do not know how to choose the best tennis strings of 2021, take the time to focus on the specifics of the device in question, the compatibility and the ease of assembly of your future acquisition. For our part, we recommend two models whose characteristics have been appreciated by the majority of consumers. The Big Wilson Adrenalinehas a monofilament structure that guarantees a solid layout. The Head Hawk Touch on the other hand features innovative design technology in addition to being the cheapest prototype on our list.

The 3 Best Tennis Strings (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

1. Wilson Luxilon Racket Strings

If you are wondering what is the best tennis string on the market, it is imperative that you check the strength of your equipment so that you do not have to change it after a few uses. And on this point, this Wilson model is proposed as being the most efficient with its nylon structure.

The composition of this equipment has a form commonly called in the trade: the monofilament. This design mode favors resistance despite intensive use. Also, the coating provides more flexibility to offer aggressive players surgical precision in their strikes.

This device has a 125 mm gauge. It is versatile in nature. Indeed, it can adapt to long exchanges on clay or the yields of rapid strokes on grass. It finds a good compromise between durability of life and performance.

The Pros

Solid design : Thanks to its monofilament structure, this equipment has good resistance for long-term use. It is not easily damaged by the impacts caused by the bullet despite the intensity of the collisions.

Suitable length: You have at your disposal a rope 200 m long. With this, you don’t risk falling short for quite a while. You can put the rest away so you can use it later when needed.

The cons

Location to ponder : Connoisseurs say it is best not to put this equipment in an extreme environment. This could adversely affect its performance.

2. Head Hawk Touch Racket String

With the plethora of offerings on the market, we often can’t decide which tennis string to choose to fit on our racquet. If you find yourself in the same situation, take a walk around the Head side. The brand, specialist in sports equipment, will provide you with a multitude of models among which you will surely find the one you need.

Among these references is the Hawk Touch. This is an anthracite-colored prototype, the color of which easily adapts to all racket designs. It stands out above all for the combination of its manufacturing structure in co-polyester with the Crystal Core technology patented by the brand.

This assembly provides improved performance for players seeking precision in powerful shots and ball spin. It is an alloy particularly appreciated by professionals in the field for its strength.

The Pros

Innovative technology : The equipment has a flexible core covered with a robust outer shell. The whole constitutes a system that the brand calls the Crystal Core. The latter comes into play to offer the user optimal performance in terms of power control.

Increased control of the ball: Its structure allows the tennis player to have total control over the effects he wishes to obtain at the time of the strike.

The cons

Not suitable for beginners : The mode of design of this equipment is especially dedicated to athletes of intermediate and advanced status. If you don’t have the level, the risk of injury to your arm or wrist is likely.

3. Babolat RPM Blast Tennis Ropes

When you visit a leaderboard on this type of gear, it is unlikely that you will stumble upon Babolat. Some consumers even qualify it as the best brand of tennis strings around.

The manufacturer offers its buyers the RPM Blast 100 m. As the name suggests, it has a convenient length that you can reuse when needed. It features a monofilament design lined with a co-polyester structure.

The resistance to blows is also there. This equipment has a sheath called Cross Linked Silicone. It allows the coating to return to its initial shape after your shots in order to give you constant performance for a clear improvement in your level of play.

The Pros

Effects taking : With a so-called octagonal design, this model seems to make the most of its qualities to offer its user the effect he wishes to achieve. The appearance of the material ensures a catch of the ball to make the latter turn according to the desired reaction.

Resistant structure: This equipment is entirely made of polyester. This coating has the particularity of presenting an undeniable solidity. It is especially the most appreciated by world class players.

The cons

Does not support low temperatures : You will have to be careful about its storage space. Cold places should be avoided to prevent the equipment from losing performance.

Tennis Strings Purchase guide

The string is the most important part of the racquet because it comes in direct contact with the ball. If it is loose or of poor quality, your game will suffer. To be able to progress in this sport and make it a career, it is therefore advisable to equip yourself well from the start. This buying guide for the best tennis strings will take care of the essentials.

Specifics (size, thickness)

The tension of the string, its size, its thickness directly influence the performance and sensations of the player. It is therefore more than crucial to elect them carefully. Just like clothing, in a price comparison, a rope is usually sold in several sizes or diameters. In the jargon, we speak rather of gauge, expressed in millimeters. As dimensions, we often come across 1.15 and 1.40 mm on the market.

Either way, remember that the thicker your string, the longer it will last. On the other hand, such a texture may affect the speed of your ball. On the contrary, if you want more flexibility in your game, and the ball follows the defined trajectory, take a fairly thin string.


The racket is available in several sizes depending on the age of the tennis player. Adults use a 68.5cm to 71cm long one, while younger ones will be more comfortable with a 50 to 67.5cm long model. The number of strings on the screen (where the string is fixed) also varies at the rate of 14, 16, or 18 for the uprights, and 15, 18, 19, 20 or 22 for the crosses.

All these figures to tell you that before choosing any tennis string, you will have to study the characteristics of your racket to see if it will be compatible.

We can also talk about the compatibility of the string with the way you play. Most often, professionals adapt it according to the desired effects: power, control, precision, tolerance, comfort.

Ease of use and assembly

Any tennis player should be able to string their racquet as they may have to string at least every other day. A string lasts about a day and a few hours. After that, it will have to be tightened if necessary, because it will have lost its tension.

It’s true that sports shops take care of it, but getting there every time is far from practical. If you are wondering where to buy a new tennis string, at least ask a store that supports this type of request. If you do it by hand, you could end up spending hours on it. We therefore recommend that you get an electronic stringing machine that will take care of everything for you. On average, you will spend half an hour on a brand new string.

To avoid having to do it a little too often, equip your racquet with a monofilament string rather than a multifilament, which is known to last longer. There you go, we hope these few tips have helped you determine how to buy better value tennis string.

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