China believes the deal is serious danger to stability and peace in the region and will lead to an increase in the race for arms.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said during a press conference in Beijing that United States, the UNITED Kingdom utilize nuclear exports as a method to play games with geopolitics. Exporting the nuclear technology of submarines to Australia is an example of the duality between both the United States and the UNITED KINGDOM as well as an extremely irresponsible act.

The Chinese spokesperson said that the agreement was not in line with its commitments to nuclear non-proliferation.

It is worth noting that United States, Britain and Australia have created a new security alliance in order to stop China’s growing influence in Waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

In the framework of the agreement that the three countries signed which was signed, both the United States and the United Kingdom will assist Australia construct nuclear-powered submarines with the three nations committed to ensuring peace in the region.

France however, on the other hand has also described Australia’s relationship to Britain as well as it has also referred to the UNITED States as a ‘back stabbing’.

France states that Australia had signed an earlier nuke submarine deal with the United States, but abruptly switched into America and Britain. United States and Britain.

It was reported that the French Foreign Minister also said Australia should explain what will happen as a result of the agreement, and not the attitude of allies.