As the season of summer transitions to the fall season, it’s still not over with your family’s playing outside. Winter is a time for excitement in the form sledges. Of course, they require snow and, in many areas, it is a resource that doesn’t come in a regular or predictable manner. This is why it is important to be prepared to be ready when it comes.

So, how can you prepare for the winter weather? Here are our suggestions for how you can enjoy your snow sledge in the safety of your home this winter.

Pre Snowfall:

1. Find your the sledge. Make or buy the sledge and get it in good time. If you’re building one, ensure you follow a few steps and ensure that you have the centre of gravity in the right place. When the load is set too high, you’ll throw your body off the sledge each when you bump into a wall. Sledges from stores are always balanced.

2. If the sledge you are using has metal runners, ensure that they’re not getting rusty. Rust can hinder the smooth operation of your sledge. One suggestion is to pull it up the slope, rather than carrying it, in order to make the runners smooth.

3. Select one that is steep. Select one whose slope corresponds to your capabilities. If there is no snow, it’s difficult to gauge the speed at which it can run however, ask around and people will let you know the top sledge hill locations are within the local region. The best places are those that have multiple slopes, which means you can go from a simple one to a more challenging one. Be aware of the area you’ll travel to. The snow won’t last for long in several countries, so make sure you are prepared.

4. Check that the slopes are clear of obstructions. Large rocks, trees and trees are obvious obstructions however, you should also be looking at drainage channels and fencing.

When the Snow is here:

5. Have a day off at working. It can be a nightmare to travel once the snow hits, so you should take your day off and have fun the festivities.

6. Make sure that your slope has enough snow.

7. Make sure you are warm. Hats, gloves and plenty of layers are crucial. As you become warmer with the exercise, you may strip off a few layers, but leave the gloves and hat on.

8. To get to the top and then go. Begin by sitting down on the sledge as it’s simpler to get out of the sledge and leap off when you’re not in control.

9. After the first few runs, try by lying on the sledge. You will be faster.

10. If you make a mistake halfway down or near the lowest point of the slope make sure you take a step back immediately. Be aware that other people are also on the slope, and might have no control. If they’re unable to stop you, make sure you stay clear of them.

Once you’re back, warm yourself by eating a hearty soup and you’ll have enjoyed perhaps the most outdoor adventure you could enjoy. Stay warm and your family members will be entertained for over the course of hours.

Enjoy your sledging.

This author has been with his Outdoor Toy Business for 15 years across both the UK and Europe and is a fan of making and designing his own sledges and sledging and is also one of the biggest Sledge retailers within the UK.