We all know that skateboards come with wheels and some have imagined that hover boards do not require wheels but do they? If you could create a hoverboard with wheels, that can allow it to land more easily however it won’t make it aerodynamic, and it can also add weight. If something is intended to fly it is crucial that it’s as light as it can be.

If a hoverboard loses its air beneath it or its cushion of ground, it will sink down to Earth and when it hits the ground too quickly and moves through the cushion of the ground, the rider is stopped like he hit a stone on the sidewalk, which has stopped his wheels. The rider will be thrown off and may cause injury, or even hurt the pride of the rider. Skateboarders generally have the ability to shield themselves from injury caused by slight stoppages.

The question is, therefore, do hoverboards in the near future be equipped with wheels or no wheels? It’s a simple question however the designers of hover boards in the future will need to decide if they want to add wheels.

Because of the rapid adoption of those who participated in the early days of technology it might be beneficial to put wheels on the initial hover boards to show people the ease of switch. However, by doing this (adding wheels on the initial production) the performance could be diminished on the hoverboard and reduce the excitement potential for the user.

This could trigger an uproar against the latest technology used in the hover board and hinder it from achieving the level of attrition needed by the latest trends and technology. The smaller the size of the hover board, the more agile it is and more enjoyable to ride.

It’s logical that for us to bring hover boards to the skateboard market. However, we have to think about what is the “WOW” factor for the rider , if we would like them to give up their wooden skateboard in favor of this brand new innovation. Let’s also consider the difference between snowboarding and skiing, and how the trend of snowboarding ultimately overtook skiing and revolutionized the sport.