This will only be possible when you’ve enabled Google Photos and an Sync and Back-Up) feature.

Google Photos is one of the most sought-after cloud storage solutions for Android users to store their videos and photos backup.

Google Photos is used to backup photos and to access them from every device, at any moment however, make sure you’re already logged in to the device. login using Google. Sign in using your Google account.

Google Photos is the best alternative if you’re talking about the free online backup of photos service. But what happens should you remove photos or video from Google Photos?

Be assured that we’ll explain how to retrieve deleted videos and photos from Google Photos

Google Photos ranks photos and videos in a efficient manner based on the face, location, time and many other album choices.

Even the videos and photos that you delete from Google Photos are thrown away in garbage for up to 60 days prior to the time they disappear forever, but you can get them back.

This will only be possible if you’ve enabled Google Photos as well as an Sync and Back-Up) feature.

How do you retrieve deleted videos and photos from Google Photos

After that, launch the Google Photos application to retrieve the image or video to your Android mobile phone Android tablet iPhone and iPad.

Click the library option below, and then go to the trash bin.

Find the image or video you would like to retrieve, and then press and hold it once you locate the image or video.

Select the restore option in the next paragraph After that, the photo or video will be returned to the gallery of your phone, Google Photo Library or the album where it was in the past.