Ski Buying Guide

There’s plenty of information available on the internet or in magazines. You can also get advice from family members on how to pick the best skis for you and, of course, the right length.

We’ve been there and bought the first set of. It’s a huge investment however the return when you make the right choice is amazing. Retail skis are better than rental skis, but only because that you’ve used them, so they’ll last longer. Additionally, you will benefit from time without needing to wait in the boot and ski rental line.

Step 1 – Which Type Of Ski?

First step to figure out what kind of skier you are as well as the kind of skier you’d like to be.

Skis are available in a range of forms. Here are the most popular types:

Piste Skis – These are suitable for skiing on the piste with good snow conditions. Certain models utilize technology directly from racing. Piste skis are excellent carvers. They can be a bit difficult with less ideal conditions, but also should you decide to take a break from the piste.

All Mountain Skis – These enable you to ski in all kinds in snow-related conditions. Therefore, whether it’s cold or snowy, an all-conditions ski will be more effective than a ski on the piste. There can be an impairment in carving however, modern all-conditions skis like Volkl AC and Attiva women’s skis feature the latest technology to keep carving capability.

Back Country Skis – These are designed for those who want to venture beyond the bounds of your skis, and taking a hike all over the mountain. They’ll be able to allow you to ski all over the mountain, but also lighter than the normal skis making it easy to carry them around or go uphill. Typically, they come with no bindings. You must choose the right binding for your requirements

Off-Piste Skis – They are made for skiing in off-piste and powder conditions. They are generally more wide to allow for floating on the snow, and also be slightly more flexible to provide you with more control on the powder and absorb the impacts of jumping or landing.

Which length of ski do I require?

You’ve identified the kind of ski you’re looking for. You just need to figure out the proper length. For this every good ski store will provide a sizing guide to assist you in selecting the appropriate length of ski. It’s not based solely the height of your body. The most important factors are your WEIGHT and ABILITY. After this is discussed, the right length for your ski will be determined and the height is a final check to be sure that your ski isn’t too long or short. In general, as a principle, you should know that a skiing ski is in the shorter side when it’s below the nose’s tip and is just it is at the top of the nose. It could be could be a slightly too long if the ski is taller than your. There always are exceptions and that is the reason we advise the use of weight and capability first!


Use your weight to determine your starting length:

Under 49kg 140cm (135cm women)

50 – 56KG – 145cm (140cm women)

57 – 62KG – 150cm (145cm women)

63 – 68KG – 155cm (148cm women)

69 – 75KG – 160cm (152cm women)

76 – 81KG – 165cm (156cm women)

82KG+ – 170cm (163cm women)


Next , we assess your capabilities and adjust your length accordingly So, firstly, we assign you an ability grade of 1-10 (Please be aware that run difficulties are determined by the European piste Grading System):

1 – Never skied before

2. You can stop by using a snowplough

3 3 Snowplough turns in a circle, and occasionally does blue

4. Start at Parallel turn, on blues

5 – Getting into reds, taking steps sometimes

6 – Feeling confident about reds and black

7 – Comfortable skiing most black runs

8 – At ease on ice, and comfortable going off-piste

9 – Proactive piste skiing, carving all the pistes

10 – Professional racer or instructor

You now know the level just make the change to the length we specified earlier:

Level 1-4 – No change

Level 5 – Add around 5cm

9-10 Level – Add around 10cm

Keep in mind that this is an overall guideline, in the event that you’ve were renting a size and feel it was perfect for you, don’t be afraid to stay with the size, typically rentals that are given out can be a little too short however length is an individual thing!

The information provided above will assist you in choosing your ideal skis, however should you have any further questions, contact us with your local expert shop.