No matter if you’re contemplating launching a web-based company or simply a developer looking for a reliable hosting account, it’s best to understand the basics of web hosting to make sure your website launch goes off without a hitch.

There are numerous web hosting firms on the internet and they all provide a variety of services for various types of sites. Here are a few most common features you’ll find on the majority of web hosts, and the best way to understand these features.

Website Space: Website Space is the location the location where your website’s images and files are stored. Your HTML webpages and your website programming pages are stored at this space. Some hosts provide 100MB, while others give up to 10,000MB or more.

If your site only has five or seven pages, then 100MB might be overly for your needs as most websites consume just a small amount of space.

If your site is a content-based site and needs an abundance of text, images videos, articles, etc. you must ensure that your hosting provider is more than 100MB on webspace. A lot of times, space won’t be the most important thing to consider when looking for a host. The majority of hosts will offer lots of space on the internet for a typical website.

Bandwidth , Traffic and Monthly Transfer: Bandwidth determines the amount of information that can be transferred to your site.

Consider it this way. If you own a website that takes up 1 MB, and your month’s bandwidth is limited to 100mb. That means when you have 100 visitors to your website, the bandwidth limitation will get exhausted. There will be no bandwidth left until the next month. In most cases, web hosts provide limit on bandwidth per month of 3,000MB (or 10,000 MB). Don’t be concerned about bandwidth as 99.99 percent of website pages won’t consume 1MB.

If you start to receive hundreds of visitors per month and you notice your bandwidth increasing then you might need to pay an additional cost to cover the increased bandwidth, and you may want to consider changing the hosting service you use. Like with bandwidth for websites, bandwidth, it shouldn’t be a problem when looking for a hosting provider since the majority of them will offer enough bandwidth to support your website.

Web Programming Languages: If your site include features such as Comments Form that allows you to directly email comments from your visitors to an online email accounts, Newsletter opt-in for your users or other feature that is dynamic, you will require the support of a web programming language. There are a variety of web-based programming languages. To determine which one is best to build your website, ask your web development team to discover. They may already know what programming language they are planning on using for your site. The most popular Web Programming languages include PHP, Net and CFML.

Web programming language is an important aspect when searching for a web host since every company will provide various combinations of support for languages used in web programming So, make sure you choose carefully.

Database: When your site requires storing the email address of a visitor, their name and other vital details, or maintain the catalog of your products, then you’ll require the database. Some of the most commonly used databases utilized comprise Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Access. Most hosting plans offer support for at least some of the databases. In the case of web programming, it is necessary to ask your web development team what database they intend to utilize.

Domain Hosting The majority of the time even though a web hosting company can allow you to host a single domain name like or net, certain web hosts allow hosting for multiple domain names. This is a fantastic option because it allows you to host several websites on the same host and manage them all from one central location. The drawback is that you’ll have to share your web space along with your bandwidth, and possibly other functions with another websites. If you’re planning to own more than one site, it’s important to determine the number of domains your web hosting provider will allow for your account.