It’s officially. The future is here. Why? This is not due to space travel, nor due to the water-resistant nature of cellular phones, or the latest cellphone watches. It’s true that we’ve entered “the future” because, after years of grudgingly waiting and lots of fake products, hoverboards that actually work are now an actual thing. A company known as Hendo has created our Marty McFly-inspired designs to life, and they have recently allowed Tony Hawk have a go at their very own design. The only issue?

You must have an account in the shape of Tony Hawk to be able to access one of these tough guys. Do you believe me? Five minutes of riding (with help from Hendo staff) cost you just 100 bucks A duplicate board that doesn’t have an engine for hovering (so only a little bit in fancy wooden, actually) while a real hoverboard  Yes, that’s a lot of money, however, concurrently it’s an amazing hoverboard, which could be yours to use at any time. It’s time to save!

The hovering effect isn’t as drastic as Marty McFly’s boards. Hendo Hoverboards Hendo Hoverboards will hover about one inch higher than the ground. There are many negative reviews on the internet, complaining that the hovering action is tiny. I’d want to remind you that this is an early-generation hoverboard and that the inch Hendo allows you to hover is exactly one inch more than what we’ve experienced before the launch of the Hendo Hoverboard. You’ll need a few Marty’s kicks to allow you with the ability to hover stylishly. There’s an entirely new hoverboard available in the market(sort like). It’s similar to the hoverboard but is called an e-segway mini, and one of the most appealing aspects is that no handlebars are included and you’ve likely seen it several times! These amazing electric scooters with two wheels operate using your legs , which means there is no need for steering in any way. With mini segway hoverboards appearing all over the globe and causing us to think how fast and swiftly technology is changing, and what’s the next step for technology. There are many locations that this mini-segway hoverboard is available for sale and if you’re interested, check out any local electronic retailer! Hendo is currently working to develop the 2nd generation hoverboard, and they expect to release it in 2017. If you’re thinking of to the day you can get your hands on the hoverboard or, should I say legs, you must be sure to support Hendo!

Another great benefit of the promotion of Hendo is that the company, and the founder of it, Greg Henderson, have an idea that goes far beyond providing people with amazing hoverboards. Hendo intends to continue by developing its hover technology, which is known as Magnetic Field Architecture, therefore it is not just a matter of allowing users to ride hovering skateboards but also provide real structures that can hover in natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and rising sea levels or even the zombie apocalypse.