There’s never been better time to be a child and it’s going to only become better. The toys that will come in the near future will be completely amazing In fact, today we can stroll down the aisles of any toy store at any shop and are amazed by the leaps in quality and sophistication. Today’s kids love the complexities and authenticity of toys, and adults find it inspires them to think about their own.

“Where were all these great toys when I was a younger?”

If you have grandchildren or children, maybe you’ve thought about the similar idea? If you’re a child or a teenager, you may not know the extent to which you are. A few of the flying toys, RC remote control models, and dolls are amazing in design and in terms of technology.

There are also games on computers, video games, and tech toys. Wow are they amazing or what ? All the children have cell phones that weren’t even in use when their parents were children. Most of them did not had computers.

The new age of Skateboards are here However, they won’t actually be skateboards in the first place. They’ll appear like skateboards, but they’ll fly as well. The technologies discussed throughout the book are currently in development or are currently in development, and are the latest technologies. Everything in this book could be feasible and likely in the near future. The skateboard park, skateboarder and skateboarders are all set to take a time trip into the future.

What a fantastic time to be a child. The children of the past played with simple toys , or even rocks and sticks; in the near future, the skies are the only limit as the ground is no longer. Perhaps you’ve seen the film Back to the Future II and the fancy hoverboard-skateboards? They’re pretty cool. Hover Boards are on the drawing board for a long time and some even constructed.

However, until now, they haven’t worked as well or impressed the audience like in the Hollywood film Back to the Future II However, with the development of new materials , such as carbon nanotubes They will soon be. Carbon nano-tubes are 10 times more light than steel, and 50 % stronger. This is a huge leap forward from the first plastic or wooden skateboards.

Soon , the Hover Boards, Skateboards of the Future , and the latest technologies will be incorporated to the world of Skateboarding which will elevate the entire experience to a whole new height. Then the studies into the technology that could make the possible this vision up the ramp and into the sky in the near future, where we can expect to see the future. There is only one question to ask:

Are You Ready for the Future of Skateboarding and the New Technologies of Hover Boards?

If you’re not, get yourself ready as the latest high-tech ideas are being developed and they’re roaring forward regardless of your involvement. It is clear that the Future of Skateboarding will never ever be the same. I hope that you appreciate this idea, and, most importantly, I hope it makes you think, think and assist us in designing our future. Because it’s now time to take flight!